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Great Fabric For Garden Furniture

The season of garden parties and barbeques is in full swing and we’re hoping for continual blue skies, though based in Lancashire this may be slightly in vain. We’re a realistic bunch here at Croft Mill, and we know that from spilled drinks to rain showers, garden furniture needs to be hardwearing and preferably easy to clean or wipe down.

Also its often easier and more economical to run up some more cushion or seat covers as opposed to buying a whole set of outdoor furniture. So we’ve tried to make it easy for you by gathering together a selection of fabrics that would be great for garden furniture. All of these fabrics are of a good quality, durable and can be washed, or in some cases easily wiped down with a wet cloth, they are either 100% Cotton or a Cotton/Poly mix, to find out more just click on the image. We’ve tried to get in a good mix of colours, whether you want your garden cushions and seats to be bright as poppy blooms or a little more understated. 

Be Bold -Stripe  -  Cotton Twill Fabric £6.00 Lime Grove - Poly/cotton Fabric £6.00pm Go With The Flow - Stone - Cotton Fabric  £7.00pm
Go with The Flow -Navy - Cotton Fabric £6.75pm

Lotta Bottle -

Poly/cotton £6.00pm

Cherry Ripe - Poly/cotton Fabric £6.50pm
Welly - Cotton/lycra Fabric £7.95pm Tonto - Cotton Fabric £6.75pm Pindrop - Cotton Fabric -£6.95pm
Death in Paradise - Cotton Canvas Fabric £6.75pm Cream of Barley - Cotton Fabric £4.75pm Wow - Cotton Lycra - £10.00
Black Beauty - Polyester Ripstop £5.50pm  Pick Up -  Cotton Fabric £6.75pm  


If, like us, you’re from t‘up North where we get a bit more rain than is fair, you may want to make table cloths, or even seat cushions in a waterproof fabric or a coated cotton. These fabrics are just as sturdy, and can be easily wiped down to clean.

Royal Blue Waterproof Canvas Blue Floral Coated Cottton
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