Croft Mill

Our new sampling service is now available online


Well we have finally done it and we hope that you like it. We have a new sampling service which we hope will make things better for you and hopefully for us. It works similarly to the orders system so when we ship them an email will drop into your inbox to let you know they are on their way. You can order 5 samples free of charge, after that there is a basic charge of £1.50 + 25p per sample. The £1.50 is to cover administration and postage costs.  If you would like more samples above the 5 you can order the samples with your order and you will not have to pay any extra shipping and administration costs. You can order 5 free samples every month so for example if you order 3 today you can order 2 next week but thereafter it will cost you the charge listed above until 1 month after you ordered your first sample of the month.

Clear as mud? I hope not. Anyway if you want a sample just give it a go, there is now a button in each product which says ‘request sample’ click on this and the system explains the rest.

Of course as you know even though you request a sample we will not be able to guarantee that the stock will be available  when you come to order it.


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