Croft Mill

Sampling service online


We have a new sampling system on the website so you can now order samples online if you are at a UK address. We know you like to try before you buy so we are offering your first 5 free, if you click on the fabric you are interested in you will see the sample button, just click on it and a sample will be added to your shopping bag. You can order samples with your order or on their own.

The first 5 samples you order will be free but after that we have to charge a handling fee (this applies to sample only orders, not if you are also ordering fabrics) and 25p per sample. Some of our fabrics sell out very quickly so we are sorry but we cannot guarantee that the fabric sampled will be in stock when you come to order it.

When we are busy we have to prioritise orders over the sampling service so please be patient as we are also unable to give you an update on sample orders.



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