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The new Croft Mill fabric catalogue 'Trouble Brewing in't Mill' is out now

(Extract from Catalogue)

Trouble Brewing in't Mill

Good morning from us all at Croft Mill but particularly from me, since I am the one doing the talking.

We have all read or heard of the gloom and despond that pervades the Middle East which is having an effect on the oil supply and oil price. Oil supply doesn't seem to be an issue but the price certainly is. Then there have been the Australian floods, the New Zealand earthquake and bankers bonuses. We have been down the bankers' bonus road before and it is a road well trodden and no amount of bellyaching is going to change things. However this weekend I caught one and part of another feel good factor film, the first was the original Railway Children. The second was The Terminal, with Tom Hanks as a man without a country held in JFK airport, altogether a bit silly but there was no gloom, there was of course in the Railway Children but it all ended properly.

Shortly after this I read an article about China and how some Chinese people are refusing to work for the pay being offered in the textile operations concerned with the weaving of denim and the making of denim jeans, so much so, that the manufacturing will be elsewhere and will cost more. Polyester is being added because cotton has gone up in price and there isn't enough cotton. It seems a mystery to me that with 23 million pairs produced every month or so there is a short supply. Anyroadup there's trouble brewing in't mill. In the meantime we shall plod on in whatever way we can to bring you the best fabrics we can find so here we go.


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